At Saint Peter's, we believe that God has given us many wonderful gifts and talents. To that end, we are excited to open our doors and showcase a slice of the talent of our neighbors.

For information on upcoming concerts see the Events page and our Facebook page.

Incendium Novum is Saint Peter's resident ensemble. Incendium Novum is an an early music ensemble born out of an interest in historically informed performance delivered with genuine passion and simplicity. Incendium Novum means "New Fire." The name is reflective of the group’s intention to spark new enthusiasm in Baroque music performed on period instruments. Founded in Boston in 2014, the ensemble consists of soprano Heidi Freimanis, violinist Yi-Li Chang, gambist Zarina Irkaeva, and harpsichordist Thomas Bowers. Visit Incendium Novum’s website to view the concert calendar, sign up for the mailing list, engage the group for your upcoming event, and listen to the latest recordings: