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High Altar

The theme of this design is “Christ the King” with attendant motifs symbolizing earthly and heavenly praise.


The Central figure of Our Lord wears a crown and regal vestments and holds the symbolical orb surmounted by a cross.  The cruciform numbus of the Trinity encircles his head.


On the left symbolizing earthly homage is the figure of St. Cecilia, patron of musicians, holding a harp, her brow crowned with roses.  The balancing figure opposite, representing heavenly adoration, is an angel of praise, holding a book on which is inscribed words from the hymns, “The Strife is o’er, the battle done, the victory of life is won.”


The presence of this angel suggests the legend that a choir of angels attended St. Cecilia when she played.


Below the central figure is a medallion representing St. Ambrose attended by singing choir boys.  This group continues in the lower left and right medallions.


The inscription at the base of the center lancet reads:  “To the Glory of God, in loving memory of Adelaide Eleanor Andros, July 11, 1931 ~ Henry Sandord Andros, August 20, 1902.”


The theme of the design is reflected in symbolic color.  Red, the color of divine love and devotion, is balanced by the deep blue of spiritual truth and divine wisdom.  The design is complete in sparkling accents of white for faith and purity, gold for spiritual victory and green for youth and immortality. 


The window is the work of Charles J. Connick Studio of Boston, Massachusetts.